Earthís Mightiest Introduction

By Avi Green

Just like the women of the X-Men, the ladies of the Avengers are some of the smartest and the hottest women youíll find in Marvel Comics. From the first female member, the Wonderous, Winsome Wasp to even a special member like Firestar of the New Warriors, they have been some of the best superheroines to grace the pages of the Marvel universe.

I noticed plenty of X-Men sites out there on the internet, ditto a lot for the X-Women too, but never came across any that were specifically dedicated to the women of the Avengers. Well, thatís why I thought to build this very website here, which could serve primarily as a showcase for the Earthís Mightiest Heroines! And so, there you have it, just like there are fansites dedicated to the X-Women, thereís now a fansite dedicated to the Avengersí women too. I hope all visitors will enjoy what Iíve got available in here.

About the webmaster

I was born in Pennsylvania in 1974, and moved to Israel in 1983. One of the first comic books I read was Fantastic Four, and Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman, herself has been a guest member of the EMH once in a while, most certainly during 1989, when she and her husband Mr. Fantastic took leave of the actual FF lineup in order to find some more time to each other, and took part in some of the Avengersí missions during that time.

As mentioned above, I built this site due to the fact that there didnít seem to be any fansites out there dedicated specially to the women of the Avengers. With this, Iím going to see if I can change all that a little.

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