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Here's where you'll find various pictures of Avengers ladies, as well as a few essays and reviews of comic books I've written at times. Maybe I'll even feature old letter columns from old Avengers issues I have in my wonderful collection as well sometimes too!

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Essays and other such items

Avengers Anniversary Assemble!
This is a history article I first wrote around 2003-2004 about how the Earth's Mightiest Heroes first came to be.

Review: The Kree-Skrull War TPB
A review I wrote of this classic storyline in 2004.

Stacy and Scarlet Shamed
Thoughts I wrote in 2005 on Marvelís belittling of Gwen Stacy and the Scarlet Witch, plus what I think of the Phoenix saga, and something involving the Hank Pym/Janet VanDyne catastrophe of 1981.

What will be the Fate of Marvel's Book Publishing?
In 2011, following a considerable amount of terrible crossovers and other bad ideas, Marvel could very easily be facing their twilight as a comic book publisher.

Review: Kang: Time and Time Again TPB
A review I wrote of a compilation of several notable stories featuring the Avengers archnemesis Kang.

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