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Here's where you'll find various pictures of Avengers ladies, as well as a few essays and reviews of comic books I've written at times. Maybe I'll even feature old letter columns from old Avengers issues I have in my wonderful collection as well sometimes too!

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Essays and other such items

Avengers Anniversary Assemble!
This is a history article I first wrote around 2003-2004 about how the Earth's Mightiest Heroes first came to be.

Review: The Kree-Skrull War TPB
A review I wrote of this classic storyline in 2004.

Stacy and Scarlet Shamed
Thoughts I wrote in 2005 on Marvelís belittling of Gwen Stacy and the Scarlet Witch, plus what I think of the Phoenix saga, and something involving the Hank Pym/Janet VanDyne catastrophe of 1981.

What will be the Fate of Marvel's Book Publishing?
In 2011, following a considerable amount of terrible crossovers and other bad ideas, Marvel could very easily be facing their twilight as a comic book publisher.

Review: Kang: Time and Time Again TPB
A review I wrote of a compilation of several notable stories featuring the Avengers archnemesis Kang.

What will become of Marvel now that Stan the Man Lee is gone?
 Some thoughts on the sad state of Marvel after its legendary developer passed on, and what's best for it now.

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