Real name: Sharra Neramani (?)
First Appearance: Avengers #363, June 1993
Base of Operations: Universe
Occupation: Warrior
Place of Birth: Shi'ar Empire
Classification: Alien
Marital Status: Single
Membership Status: Honorary
Affiliations: Avengers

Deathcry possesses no superhuman powers aside from those granted to her by her alien physiology. She possesses superhuman reflexes, hyper-sensitive senses, and claws which she can use as weapons.

Deathcry is the name given to a young warrior, born to the alien Shi'ar empire, as her true name was taken by royal decree for reasons yet unrevealed. (It is presumed that this edict may have something to do an issue with Deathcry's lineage.) When the Earth hero team Avengers defeated the Shi'ar enemies, the Kree, the empress Lilandra feared for the team's safety should the Kree attempt revenge. She then ordered Deathcry, by order of the same decree which took her name, to join the Avengers as their protector, effectively exiling the warrior. The team accepted Deathcry as an honorary member, as she was helpful in aiding a Kree reprisal. Deathcry served with the Avengers for several months, hiding her youth by overcompensating with a bloodthirsty attitude. She soon softened and revealed her true age as she formed close friendships with her teammates Vision and Hercules. She even began to feel unrequited romantic feelings for Hercules.

Later, however, after the Avengers survived a decimating attack by the villain Immortus posing as Kang, Deathcry decided her services were no longer required. She bade Hercules to return her to the Shi'ar empire, where she remains.

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