Alias: Angelica Jones
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #193
Base of Operations: New York City, New York
Occupation: Adventurer
Place of Birth: Unrevealed
Classification: Mutant
Marital Status: Single
Membership Status: Inactive
Weapons / Paraphernalia:
Affiliations: Avengers, Hellions, New Warriors

Firestar is a mutant who possesses the superhuman ability to project microwave energy at varying intensities, which she can utilize in different ways. Microwaves are comparatively short waves of electromagnetic energy. Firestar continually absorbs microwave energy from the stars, and continually broadcasts it at low levels. In order to use her microwave energy for specific purposes, Firestar must mentally concentrate, thus causing the microwaves to swirl about her body, creating a visible aura around her. In order to project the microwave energy towards a specific target, she must mentally push some of the energy swirling around her towards that target. Firestar can use her microwave energy to generate intense heat. Initially when she began training in the use of her powers, she could melt a metal object the size of a cannon almost instantly. She could also fly through a thick wall of solid rock and melt through it so quickly that she could continue flying right through the hole she had melted without pausing. At this point, due to further training, Firestar can release enough microwave energies to incinerate an entire continent or even destroy the planet Earth itself. However, she usually refrains from exerting the use of her powers at such high levels unless she is operating in outer space. By mentally pushing microwave energy behind or beneath herself for propulsion, Firestar can fly. Her maximum speed has yet to be established, but she can already fly quite swiftly and maneuver in flight quite well. She can generate enough propulsive force to carry considerable weights to great heights at high speed. For example, she has carried Colossus, in his metal-like form, which weighs 500 pounds, high into the air.

She wears a special full-body sheath of microcircuitry designed by Hank Pym and worn under her uniform; siphons off excess microwave emissions to proctect Firestar's physiology from her own radiation. Theoretically, Angelica continutes to mature, her natural immunity to microwave radiation will increase and she may no longer need this special uniform.

Angelica Jones is another young mutant who first began training at the Massechusetts Academy, a mutant training center, under the administration of Emma Frost/White Queen, who manipulated her emotionally in hopes of traning her as an assassin. When Angelica discovered the corrupt nature of Frost and the Academy at the time, she left angrily, trying to resume a normal life. She turned down an offer of membership with the X-Men, but reluctantly returned to adventuring when she was persuaded to become a founding member of the suer-hero youth team known as the New Warriors. During her time with the Warriors, Firestar gradually became a more confident and formidable fighter, and she also began a loving, lasting romance with teammate Vance Astrovik (now known as Justice), a relationship that survived a long separation when Vance was jailed for accidentally killing his abusive father.

When Firestar learned that her microwave powers posed risks to her own health (including possibly rendering her sterile), she and Justice began to spend less time on superheroics, and Firestar again became reluctant in adventuring. Despite this, they continued to assist in New Warriors cases on an irregular basis, and were eventually drawn into a conflict between Morgan Le Fay and the Avengers that led to the post-Onslaught reorganization of the Avengers. Justice played a key role in the Le Fay case, and then convinced Firestar to help him subdue Whirlwind, a super-criminal who had previously escaped the Avengers. This prompted Avengers veteran Hawkeye to recommend the young couple for Avengers membership. Justice, a lifelong admirer of the Avengers, agreed elatedly, and an unenthusiastic Firestar accepted the offer as well. The couple were designated reservists at first, but soon upgraded to active membership, filling vacancies in the active roster and moving into Avengers Mansion. Soon afterwards, Hank Pym found a way to cure the fangerous side effects of her microwave powers, and she became more confidant and enthusiastic in becoming a superheroine again.

Angelica and Justice were brought to the Avengers by their fellow New Warrior Rage, who was an association of the hero team. The three helped the Avengers reform after a period of long disbanding, and Angelica and Justice captured the villain Whirlwind to prove their worth to the team. They were accepted as reserve members under the tutelage of Avenger Hawkeye, and soon graduated to full membership status. Angelica was initially reticent about her role with the team, but she remained with them out of sympathy for Justice who was enamored of the team. Then she shared her medical problem with the team and was helped by Dr. Henry Pym who eventually cured her - she was running the risk of radiation poisioning and or sterility before she had gotten the help of Pym. After this Angelica felt increasingly a part of the team, and when Speedball tried to get her and Justice to rejoin the Warriors, they declined. Firestar eventually asked Justice to marry her.

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