Real name: Marissa Darrow
First Appearance: Avengers Vol. 1 #343
Base of Operations: ?
Occupation: adventuress
Place of Birth: an alternate world?
Classification: Human
Marital Status: Single
Membership Status: Honorary
Team affiliations: Avengers, The Gatherers

Magdalene employs a staff that fires unknown energy and the staff itself can be used as a fighting tool.

An alternate-Earth counterpart of a woman named Marissa Darrow, Magdalene was a member of the Gatherers and may have been, like the other Gatherers, a member of the Avengers in an alternate reality. The Gatherers had an ongoing enmity with the Avengers under the influence of their leader, Proctor, who had duped most of them into believing that the Avengers were a threat to reality and that one of them in particular, Sersi, had to be destroyed. Magdalene participated (albeit sometimes reluctantly) in their schemes until Proctor tried to kill her fellow Gatherer, Philip Jarvert, the Swordsman, with whom she was in love. Magdalene deserted Proctor to be with the Swordsman, who had made his home with the Avengers. They have been guests and unofficial members of the team since then, though more recently they were given a home of their own by Avengers financier Tony Stark.

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