Real name: Heather Douglas (also known as Madame MacEvil)
First Appearance: Iron Man Vol. 1 #54
Base of Operations: ?
Occupation: Priestess
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
Classification: Human
Marital Status: Single
Membership Status: Inactive
Team affiliations: Avengers, Infinity Watch

Moondragon possesses numerous superhuman physical powers, having been taught to achieve her full human potential by the priests of Titan, as well as mastery over several psionic powers. She is a superb athlete, surpassing the achievements of any Olympic athlete. She has total mastery over her body, including autonomic functions like heartbeat, bleeding, and breathing, as well as awarness of pain. She has trained herself to be as strong as it is possible for a human being of her size and weight can be: she can lift (press) 400 pounds. She has also has extensive training in a form of the martial arts analogous to Kung Fu.

Moondragon also possesses numerous psionic powers. She is a telepath, able to “read” the thoughts of others and project her own thoughts into others’ minds, within an as yet undetermined radius. She is a levitator, capable of using psionic energy to interact with gravitons in such a way as to allow her to resist the force of gravity. (She cannot fly, only hover, since she has no means of propulsion once she is airborne.) She can project psionic energy as concussive blasts, capable of killing a human being at 20 feet, or deforming a plate of 2 inch thick steel. Moondragon can also use her telepathic powers to control the minds of others, eradicating specific memories, effecting personality changes, and directing an individual’s actions for the duration of her mental “contact”. It is not known how many minds she can influence at one time she once maintained a psychic link with millions. She often employs a personal spacecraft capable of interstellar fight.

Moondragon's fantastic destiny began when she was a small girl. While on her way home with her parents, her family's car happened to pass below the starship of Thanos, on an early scouting mission to Earth. In order to keep his presence on Earth secret, Thanos turned his ship's weaponry on the Douglas' car. Heather alone survived Thanos' attack, and was found by Thanos' father, Mentor, who had followed his evil son. Mentor brought the girl back to his homeworld of Titan, and placed her in the care of a sect of Monks. With their training, Heather grew up to become a skilled telepath. Heather, now calling herself Moondragon, returned to Earth as a young woman, fighting alongside and against some of Earths' heroes, and even joining the Avengers for a time. Moondragon saw her destiny elsewhere, however, and left Earth for the planet Ba-Bani, which she easily conquered by mentally enslaving its entire populace. Moondragon was overthrown by the Avengers and her reincarnated father, Drax the Destroyer; however, during the battle, Moondragon telepathically overloaded the Destroyer's brain and killed him. Upon his fall from supremacy, Adam Warlock selected Moondragon to guard the Mind Gem. Moondragon accepted membership in the Infinity Watch with some reluctance, for its membership included Drax the Destroyer, returned to life again (though without memory of their last encounter due to its effects on his mind). After the Infinity Watch disbanded, Moondragon and Drax returned to Titan.

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