Real (or full) name: Namorita Prentiss
First Appearance: Sub-Mariner Vol. 1 #50
Base of Operations: Atlantis
Occupation: Adventuress
Place of Birth: Atlantis
Classification: Mutant
Marital Status: Single
Membership Status: Associate
Known Relatives: Namor (cousin), Namora (mother)
Affiliations: Defenders, Fantastic Four, New Warriors, Soldiers of Misfortune, Undertow

Cloned from human/Atlantean hybrid and ancient Atlantean DNA, able to breathe underwater, survive ocean depths, swim at great speeds, fly by the use of small ankle wings and exhibit feats of great strength, durability and stamina. Sometimes wears Atlantean battle armour of unknown composition.

Namorita is a hybrid: half-human, half-Atlantean. At 3 years old, her mother Namora, also a hybrid, brought her to Lemuria after their home was destroyed by surface world nuclear testing. Nita often saw her mother fight with Llyra over Prince Merro, but the feud ended in Namora's death. Nita suspected Llyra poisoned her. Llyra married Merro and then killed him to rule Lemuria. She then teamed up with Prince Byrra in a bid for Atlantis. They threatened to destroy Namora's body, unless Nita brought back her cousin, Namor the Sub-Mariner. She returned empty handed, but he arrived on his own and together they defeated the conspirators. Namor placed Nita under the care of his old friend Betty Dean Prentiss, where Nita embraced the surface world. Her new life was disrupted when Betty and fellow jetliner passengers were mutated to "amphibians" by Dr. Hydro. Nita foiled his plans with the help of Namor, but a cure for Betty's condition could not be found, so they relocated to Atlantis. Later, the barbarian Attuma with Tiger Shark and Dr. Lemuel Dorcas tried to take over Atlantis. They were defeated, but Betty was killed by Dorcas. Nita returned to college, where a class field trip turned into a battle with Terrax and the formation of the New Warriors. The return of Namor's late wife led Nita and her cousin to Vyrra, a cloning scientist, who revealed her true origins - she was cloned from her mother Namora and the DNA of an Atlantean.

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